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Hello, I have playing a bit with sol-asm. I have tried to create without success a dib section, maybe I did something wrong. I attach the source if anyone may help.

Besides, there are some other things I found:

* Compiler doesn't allow to initialize a structure variable with a negative number (it says it is too big). In this case miDIBInfo.biHeight = -cdYSize

* Is there a way to get the size of a structure?

* When you use a structure variable you need first to get its location in ESI. The solasm struc reminds me a lot to nasm structs. There, we can use [stvar + stName.Field], so you can save the "mov esi, stvar"

*  Though it can be done with external links, it would be good to compile resources, as icons, etc.

I liked solasm, thank you.


 Thanks for testng sol_asm ;)

Addressing a struct without using a register should work.

Something like this:

--- Code: ---
struc point
x rd 1
y rd 1
z rd 1

my_point rs point,1

mov [my_point.x],eax
mov [my_point.y],2
mov [my_point.z],3

--- End code ---

Size of a structure is:

--- Code: ---    mov eax,size point

--- End code ---

I will check the other issues and fix them.


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