About the Team

The CORE TEAM / Creators

Original team members that started HE as their own project. And some continued after investment stopped.

Name Work area Contact Country
Bogdan Ontanu Leading Programmer, Technical Manager of the project, Analyse and Research Bogdan Romania
Eugen Brasoveanu First Programmer, Analysys, the most working guy, went away to make his own games. He is still helping sometimes not available Romania
Adina Grigore Artist, most of HE units and Graphics are her creation. Went away to make her own game. She is still helping sometimes not available Romania
Cristian Ontanu Project Management, programmer not available Romania


Without their money HE would not have grown that much and fast...

Name Work Area Country
Time Management Global Initial Project funding United Kingdom
Paul Adrian Gavrileanu Investment, music. Paul has become our main investor over time, this game whould have been much harder to do without his help Romania


Although not in the team, they really added something to this game:
Name Work Area Country
AmkG Artist, most of HE maps are mad by AmkG. Made some fan fiction stories also
Catalin Lucaciu Artist, Designer, Made us some units Romania

Beta Testers

A handfull of great people that help us test and improve this game...
The most active ones are listed below...

Name/Nick Country
AmkG Philippines
Hawk - Mihai Gaitos Romania
dreq934 - Digital Neo US
Hiroshimator Belgium
Dennis Hagar United States of America
DartVaeda Germany

Many Thanks

They helped or at least wanted to help us sometimes...

Name Work Area Country
Nedelcu Marian Game Designer, Analist Romania
Robert Stefan Music, Musician Romania
Branici Raresh Game Designer, Analist, ASM Programmer, Grafix Romania